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             '=/_       \     |
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               \     `=./`,        '
            .   '=.__.=' `='      *
   +                         +
        O      *        '       .

Stabilizing engines

Hello new world !

After navigating (or should I say delightfully wandering) in Gemini space, I decided to open this capsule to all travelers !

Now for the usual first post in a capsule. I shall comply to the tradition.

I do not really remember how I came to the knowledge of Gemini space. Probably through one of Ploum's insightful posts on his blog.

I was disgusted by the shape of today's web and wanted to experience something new with, though I am ashamed to admit, a bit of 90s/early 00s nostalgia. I still feel that way right now.

Everything seemed simpler, and you felt you had control over everything. I still long for this era, especially when relating to technology considering

I downloaded the Lagrange client, and browsed, naturally captivated by the exploration, reading people on unrelated topics they posted months/years ago. I was thrilled by the brilliant simplicity of Gemini space (highlighted by the beauty of the rendering by Lagrange).

However, it was too soon.

It needed to sink in unconsciousness.

And one night, a few months later, enshrouded in pure boredom, I tried various gemini and gopher clients on my Android phone.

I eventually set for Deedum, and before I knew it, a new routine added itself to my evenings : before going to sleep, I check the latest posts on CAPCOM, Spacewalk and gmisub. Sometimes it takes less than one minute, sometimes it takes half an hour.

Sure, I know screens and phones are bad before sleeping, best to avoid them completely.

Sure, I know I should be reading books instead (though the two of them are not mutually exclusive).

But I find relaxation and insight in this calm place. I focus on reading with no distraction or stress.

(Update : I also check Antenna, Station and Nytpu, while now using Lagrange for Android, which works like a charm even if still in beta !)

And here I am now, after a weeks.

OK, I feel ready to launch my capsule - for what ?

Do I feel the need to desperately share my thoughts and feelings pushed by a craving of attention ? better open a wordpress blog or seek a psychoanalyst.

Do I need to share information, insights or data ? even if this is presumptuous, I do want to try and give back what I was freely given. And for that I need time and no distraction (using the relative simplicity of gemtext).

What about "hits" or "likes" counters ? I saw some on gemini pages, one in particular stroked me with a whopping 821 (which truly impressed me). Interesting but what do you do with it ? (no criticism here, really an open question)

What about comments ? Now I strongly welcome comments, discussion and even a little debate, but I do not expect it ; hence I am sure I will not try to "fish/buzz" for reactions. Good old mail it is !

OK, I am ready to launch my capsule - but where ?

For the sake of simplicity (here meaning laziness), I first rolled out a service on my own raspberry @ home, taking back the decentralization wished at the beginning of Internet. Since I had a few technical skills, a dormant raspberry pi, a FTTH internet connection, it therefore excluded any excuses.

I tested Jetforce : very small footprint, python-based and very reactive; configuring SSL was a breeze !

However, I am not always perfect while maintaining things, which could be problematic while exposing a home server on the WAN.

I then chose to migrate to smol.pub, whose simplicity and accessibility seemed brilliant to me (thanks m15o !).

The topics I want to talk about will probably be along the lines of :

That was my simple story, but I really enjoyed taking the time to write such a post (though I had to edit it a little to avoid it resembling a powerpoint presentation with too many bullet-style paragraphs - I need to learn how to Write again !).

Now, the intention has to be phenomenized and maintained over time.

See you in space !

Links :

Original post on Ploum's website (in French)
Lagrange browser on Skyjake's GitHub
Jetforce server on Michael Lazar's GitHub
Smol pub start page

(post authored 2022-04-06, edited and published 2022-08-30)

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